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Meet Olivia, Founder, Crafter, + Owner

♡ Hiiiii! My name is Olivia. I’m the maker/creator/founder of Ma Chérie Crafts. It’s a one-woman show here! I came up with the idea of MCC in January 2020 and officially launched February 13th of 2020. We are based in the Metro - Atlanta area and we continue to grow every year!  


♡ Ma Chérie Crafts [ma-sherry] actually translates to "my darling" in French. It is a nickname my grandma calls me still does to this day! Everyone needs a little darling in their life.

♡ Ma Chérie Crafts is a small batch, a woman-owned shop that specializes in soy wax candles, melts, beauty goods, & custom gifts.

♡  All of our products are made with clean fragrances, free of phthalates, harsh toxic metals, parabens, and/or synthetic colorants. We dry all of our own flowers and botanicals for our products. Sustainability is a great responsibility that we take seriously, we are very conscious of our impact on our planet! It is our utmost priority to cross utilize packaging, minimize our use of plastic and convert our materials to be compostable, recyclable, and repurposed. I dry all my own dried flowers + botanicals.

♡ I have many passions in life from cooking professionally, candle making, drying assorted botanicals, knitting and the list goes on. I love to incorporate my knowledge from other professions and Swiss & Hmong heritage into things I am truly passionate about!

♡ My knowledge of floral design and drying came from my mom who is a professional florist. I utilize my skills as a professional chef with my shop by mixing and composing new fragrance/essential oil scents for you all to enjoy, dry assorted flowers and herbs and carefully adorn each product with perfection.

♡  We pride ourselves on a little to no waste business while giving flowers a second chance too!

~ Much Love & Happy Shopping!